OmegaPro Forex Back Office

Welcome to the walk-through of the new OmegaPro Backoffice. Here's how to navigate round the new OmegaPro back office.

Click on forex trading to continue to the new OmegaPro forex trading platform. You would have now entered your forex trading back office.

At the top, you can click on "megaPro Live Trading" to see our live trading results as well as our current server time plus our daily, weekly and monthly closing of trading. You will also see our bonuses and leadership calculations.

You can also see the sub-sections and navigate easily to e.g. the profile section or leadership rank.

Here you would be able to switch between different portals like our exchange and banking.

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In the section below, you'll be able to review the different packages that you have purchased and see the trading output that you have made.

In "Today's Output", you can see the percentage that you have received for your selected package. Your daily trading output will be displayed at 00.00 and remain visible for 24 hours until it's updated again.

Example, your trading output received from Friday will be displayed from Friday midnight and will remain showing until Saturday midnight.

Your Monday output will start showing from Monday midnight server time and remain showing until Tuesday midnight.

In "Total Credit", you can see your total profit you made for your selected trading package 'till today.

Your "Estimated Compounding" is based on your compounding strategy and withdrawals you made. Here, you can easily see how much estimated returns you can receive in total.

For example, the more withdrawals you make from your trading output the less compounding effect you will reach. The longer you compound the faster you'll reach your 300%.

In the next section, you'll see the addition of all your packages and your weekly commission limit. You can also easily find the shop section to fund your deposit wallet.

Below you can see your current balance in your different wallets;

* In your E Wallet, you will receive your weekly commissions from the network.

* Your Deposit Wallet you fund by using the Deposit Wallet funding service, for receiving funds from your network structure. With this wallet, you can upgrade your own or someone else's package in your network structure.

* The Passive Commissions Wallet shows the 30% of your commission that we continue to trade for you which you receive an output of 10% for the next 12 months.

* The Pending Wallet shows your current weekly earnings which is always from Monday midnight to Sunday midnight.

OmegaPro Forex Back Office

For further help, you may contact us via WhatsApp here -  

The commission will be distributed after the closing, 70% to your E Wallet and 30% to your Passive Commission Wallet.

The Total Bonus Earned shows all your output you have received from OmegaPro 'till today.

In the section below, you will always be able to check the informational videos.

Under "Compounding Calculator", in the Daily Output section, you can write the amount of package that you want or you want to purchase and select the amount of months. After clicking on "Calculate", you will be able to see the total estimated trading output that you will receive with 100% compounding.

In the left column, you will see your monthly and overall details in Dollars and Percentages.

In the next section, you can easily see your current leadership rank. If you have qualified for binary by sponsoring one active person in each leg, you will also be able to see that your account is active and your direct referral link which you can send to your prospects.

Remember to select the leg that you want to place your referrals in before you copy the URL.

Below, you will be able to see the total accounts in your left and right leg. In the next box, you will see your total weekly carried forward on a weekly basis. The next box shows your total weekly volume in your left and right leg starting from Monday until Sunday midnight server time.

At the bottom, you will see the latest messages as well as planned events.

At the footer section, you have the possibility to change the language at the back-office to your preferred language. Kindly note that Google translate might affect the translation.

For further help, you may contact us via WhatsApp here -  

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