OmegaPro Forex Digital Investments

OmegaPro is the company that channels the expertise of it's 20 years experienced traders plus it's proprietary artificial intelligence, (AI) software for fully transparent forex trading and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

OmegaPro is about to launch a UK based Bank called OMP Money Bank which is fully FCA, Financial Conducts Authority regulated.

OmegaPro aims to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all investors. OmegaPro continually invests in new technologies and people, to provide clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional returns.

OmegaPro works with several different regulated traders who use their own unique and different style of trading. They are located in different countries around the world. Investors can easily see and monitor their trading performance in their dashboard.

With OmegaPro investors can expect up to 300% return in 16 months. The graph below shows a potential development of monthly profits. The deposit is not included in monthly payouts. So the pure profit in this particular example would be 100%.

Here are the various investment packages that you can buy at OmegaPro:

OmegaPro Packages

1. Start up trader: $100 + $29 one-time fee - $129

2. Basic trader: $500  + $29 one-time fee - $529

3. Light trader: $1,000 + $29 one-time fee - $1,029

4. Pro trader: $3,000 + $29 one-time fee - $3,029

5. Advance Trader: $5,000 + $29 one-time fee - $5,029

6. Tycoon Trader: $8,000 + $29 one-time fee - $8,029

7. Premium Trader: $1,000 + $29 one-time fee - $10,029

8. Master Trader: $15,000 + $29 one-time fee - $15,029

9. Elite Trader: $25,000 + $29 one-time fee - $25,029

10. VIP Trader: $50,000 + $29 one-time fee - $50,029

See below the minimum daily output and maximum contract profit for the various packages that you can purchase and invest in OmegaPro.

OmegaPro Minimum Daily Trading Output

OmegaPro Maximum Trading Profit

$5,000 (five thousand Dollars) invested in OmegaPro over a 5 year period will grow to $405,000 (four hundred and five thousand Dollars) where a $15,000 (fifteen thousand Dollars) in OmegaPro over the same 5 year period will grow to $1,215,000. If you invest $30,000 today in OmegaPro, you investment will grow to be $2,430,000 in 5 years. See illustrations below.

OmegaPro - $15K To Millionaire Status

OmegaPro - $30K To Two Millionaire Dollars

This is the beauty of compounding with Omegapro. OmegaPro offers all it's investors a compounding package with which they will see their investment grow iver a 16 month period with the ability to withdraw their principle purchase at anytime. There is a 30% only cancellation fee if the principle investment is withdrawn before the 16 months contract period.

OmegaPro Business Opportunity

There is an important business part of the OmegaPro platform. OmegaPro pays it's investors bonuses for referring other investors who purchase an active package. These are the type of bonuses you can expect if you refer people to OmegaPro:

* Direct sales bonus

* Network bonus and

* Leadership pool

The affiliate plan also features a very unique 70/30 rule which is unique and a game changer in the network marketing industry.

For more information on OmegaPro's business aspect and compensation plan, visit here.

To get registered with OmegaPro today, contact our OmegaPro team via WhatsApp by clicking the banner below.

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